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TotRockinBeats N.Y.E – Ten Things You’ll Need To Know.


If you are coming to party hard with us, here are some top tips that you’ll need to know, especially if this is your first time.

Doors will open at 11 am and 4 pm and we are expecting a sell-out crowd, so please be there early so we can get the party started.


If you are new to the area, or a bit unaware, there is lots of parking across the road at the Connaught Theatre.

However, if you are local why not walk? – Make the journey home a mass, slightly pissed up sing along with hundreds of strangers – Don’t be a knobhead and drink and drive, you know better.


There will be VERY limited space for buggies. If you can leave them at home or in the car it will be great. We are expecting an enthusiastic crowd of middle-aged dad dancers, head-spinning like your drunk uncle at a free bar. So keeping the dance floor free of obstacles is a must.

If you can manage with a sling – that’s what we advise on the dance floor with very young babies anyway – then please do so.


We keep noise levels at a very sensible level, but TotRockinBeats is a family-friendly rave, not a kids disco so expect it to be rather noisy.

Ear protection for little ones is highly recommended. Not just to protect their dainty little ears from the festival-level quality sound system but to protect you for the inevitable whinny ‘Mummy/Daddy why can’t we have the song from Frozen again?’

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Ear Ear!!



“Please remember that you are responsible for your children at all times”.

Be aware that the event is set up for standing/dancing and there will be limited seating. In the unlikely event of losing your child, please head for the bar and drown your sorrows/celebrate your freedom, as you see fit.

Alternatively, please head for the entrance notify a member of the team where we will have a ‘Lost Child’ table. Please be warned any child not collected rapidly will be swapped for three magic beans.


Please be aware that by joining the party you are giving permission for us to use the images for #TotRockinBeats publicity.

If you don’t want your images shared, please just drop us a line on


There is no dress code. Dress the way you want. However ‘mad props’ will be given for fancy dress and old-school outfits from the ’80-’90s are positively encouraged. FFS, ITS NEW YEARS EVE AND YOU ARE OUT OUT, SO MAKE AN EFFORT!!!


As part of the event, there are several ways you can help make it memorable.

By not being a knobhead- This is a family event, not Victoria station during a rush hour strike, so have some common courtesy. There are bound to be some queues for the popular attractions, so please be patient. Use the time wisely and hug a stranger.

This is a friendly, happy place, just like it was a field or a warehouse somewhere around the M25 in the late 80s/90s, however, obviously, this will not be chemically- induced.

Please do worry, although this is billed as a rave, I’m assured the only E’s, that will available that will be the ones that are accompanied by numbers in some of the harder kids Haribo.


Please bring something along for the ‘Gift Donation Station’. We are collecting good quality toys and gifts for the amazing charity The Empty Plate Cafe.

Don’t be one of those people that turns up empty-handed and then feels bad, I’d hate for you to feel bad on N.Y.E, so to be on the safe side, bring something with you, OK?

Remember, this is a charity that helps people within our community.


We have opened our doors, arms and hearts to some slightly old ravers. If you see any them, say hello, give them a hug, make sure they have a drink and are not feeling lonely or overawed.

Imagine what sort of bravery it has taken to walk into a loud room full of lairy strangers that are four, five or six decades younger than themselves. That takes balls of steel. So be nice and not just because in the words of Jarvis.. (Help the mofo aged) it’s because your momma raised you better. WHO’S DOWN WITH O.A.P?

TotRockin Raver DJ Charming Vera (R.I.P)


We will (technical gremlins god willing) be broadcasting the whole event live on Facebook on the DontBelieveTheHypeUK page. So why not share the link with all your friends and families who can make it so that they can join the party.

We are going to have something kind of magical happen at 6 pm when we become the very first place in the UK to see in the new year. Make sure they are part of it.

Right, I think that is about it, until next time. I’ll see you on the other side, peace out brothers and sisters.

Written By: Dan Flanagan

Founder | Father | Part-Time Revolutionary. I'm an old-school B-Boy, a social entrepreneur and a drinker of far too many cups of tea.

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