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Dad La Soul – The Very First Event.

Imagine a world where you can hang out with your kids on a Saturday and have more fun than you can shake, a James Brown walking stick, at.

In a very cool, secret location in central Brighton:

You’ll be able to play together, learn new skills, bring your vinyl and show-off your DJ skills in the company of other dads and cool kids, just like you.

No more shitty, smelly soft play, no more feeling like an outcast as ‘mum & toddler groups’ just TotRockinBeats own flavour of Family-friendly funk, fun and foolishness. So, what do you get when you put 13 Dads and 20 kids in a room with a tonne of soft play, craft materials, toys, a pair of Technics playing proper tunes?

Some very happy faces, no meltdowns, great conversations and lots new friendships made.

Massive thanks to Getting it Together for teaching the kids how to DJ and beatbox, KidzPlay Events Creche for all the toys and to Jim Jensen at @propellornet for letting us completely take over their very cool offices.

And to all the Dads and kids who are now down with Dad La Soul crew!

This is what it looked like:

Written By: Dan Flanagan

Founder | Father | Part-Time Revolutionary. I'm an old-school B-Boy, a social entrepreneur and a drinker of far too many cups of tea.

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