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Dad La Soul

Dad La Soul – The Very First Event.

Imagine a world where you can hang out with your kids on a Saturday and have more fun than you can shake, a James Brown walking stick, at. In a very cool, secret location in central Brighton: You'll be able to play together, learn new skills, bring your vinyl and show-off your DJ skills in the company of other dads and cool kids, just like you. No more shitty, smelly soft play, no more feeling like an...

Dad La Soul – 80s Movie & Robot-Making

Imagine a Blue Peter/Tony Hart/Art Attack session with an 80’s movie Short-Circuit viewing and a dad-friendly soundtrack at an art gallery, and you’ll be about right. What is going on: Dad La Soul, the new Saturday morning club for dads, stepdads, granddads and male carers who want to hang out with their kids, play/learn/teach new skills and make some new cool friends, lands at Colonnade House as part of our annual film festival Films on the...

Why I’ve launched ‘Dad La Soul’

Why I’ve launched ‘Dad La Soul’ And Brought In A Stand-Up Comedian To Help Battle Male Suicide. Hit the playground, WhatsApp or Facebook and ask for help to find a local mum and toddler group, and you’ll be inundated with options. But what if you are a dad with babies, toddlers or young children? then the situation is entirely different. There is a distinct lack of similar opportunities because dads are often seen as ‘babysitters. Now I've...