TotRockin'Beats/Dad La Soul | 2nd Feb – Movie + Robot-Making

Dad La Soul | 2nd Feb – Movie + Robot-Making


Time: February 02, 2019 12-15.00 pm
Location: Colonnade House | Warwick Street - Worthing
Event Type: Dad La Soul
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About Tour

For those not familiar with the original, lovable robot hero, the story of Big Hero 6 in a nutshell is:

“The special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.”

Join us at Colonnade House to get inspired and create your own team of high tech heroes!

What we’ll do:

We will be heading up to Colonnade House to watch a private screening of this classic, fuelled by snacks and dreams.

We’ll be running a crafting session to build our own robot heroes from plastic tubes, washing-up bottles, loo-rolls, tin foil and anything else we can lay our hands on.

Imagine a Blue Peter/Tony Hart/Art Attack session with an 80’s soundtrack, and you’ll be about right.

What you’ll need to bring:

The film will be a seated affair, but small bottoms might be more comfortable on the floor so feel free to bring a cushion/pillow with you. There will be some gentle activities available for those who need entertaining during the film. Please bring along as much cardboard, loo-rolls, laser cannons, washing up bottles, plastic tubes, military-grade robotics etc as you can manage – the more we have the more we can use. We will also be supplying some drinks and snacks but feel free to bring your own.

What to wear:

We believe dads are superheroes so feel free to turn up in fancy dress! Perhaps come dressed as your favourite robot?
“I’ll be back”
“Come quietly or there will be… trouble.”
“I’m terribly sorry about all this. After all, he’s only a Wookiee.”
There are so many. We expect good things.

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