TotRockinBeats: Intergenerational Revolutionaries. 

TotRockinBeats C.I.C a non-profit social enterprise, made up of an ever-evolving, collaborative team of like-minded revolutionaries.

We’re a tightly-knit team of journalists, musicians, teachers and parents committed to social change. We put communities on the dancefloor in extraordinary venues at our afternoon raves ‘TotRockinBeats’ and help challenge the social perceptions of dads, through our network ofDad La Soul’ clubs.  

We work with top-quality DJs, live Funk bands, film-makers, stand-up comedians, graffiti artists, circus performers, street dancers, rappers, kids entertainers, tech innovators and one of the creative minds behind the legendary Big Chill festival, to make what we do completely unique. 

“TotRockinBeats is my new church. Afternoon raving with the kids is what Sundays were made for”

Lucinda VB – TRB regular.

You can find out more about our story here.

We were ravers, breakdancers, acid-jazzheads and indie kids – then we grew up and had kids of our own. Now, we mash all of that great stuff together and throw highly original, themed events, so that people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities that can come together and challenge the causes of social isolation. 

We pride ourselves in bringing people, no matter their age or background, together for remarkable experiences.

“Working with Dan and Tot Rockin Beats has been fantastic. The events are a brilliant way to bring parents and children together for a family-friendly party and they are always a huge success and a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Being a parent himself, Dan is clearly very passionate about the projects and that shines through in all aspects of his work, long may it continue”.

Stephen Sheldrake – Marketing Manager. Worthing Theatres.


‘We’ve had a Wurlitzer organist, appear out of a stage to mash-up David Bowie and Star Wars theme tunes while a 97-year-old lady hit the decks and became the worlds oldest ever DJ’.

We’ve won awards, been featured on the ITV and BBC news and sold out a wealth of theatres, art galleries, summer festivals, and 1,000 + capacity venues with our unique mix Old-School Hip-Hop, Funk, House, soft-play, craft, street dance, circus workshops, interactive visual arts and Lego.

‘It’s like going to an amazing festival, except you don’t have to camp and you are finished by 7 pm, so don’t need to worry about paying the babysitter or getting home for bedtime’.

TotRockinBeats is an intergenerational revolution with a social conscious. Check out what people say about us, or you can watch us in action.

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