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TotRockinBeats FAQ’s

Everything You Wanted To Ask.


Coming to an event? You’ll have a great time, but the TotRockinBeats FAQ section helps make it even better.

These are just a few things we’ve learnt over the course of putting on a tonne of top-notch, afternoon parties.

Can I bring my buggy?

If you can leave your buggy at home or in the car, that would be great.

TotRockinBeats involves an enthusiastic crowd of middle-aged dad dancers and hip-shaking funk soul mothers, head-spinning like your drunken relative at a free bar. So keeping the dancefloor free of obstacles is a must.

If you can manage with just a sling, that’s what we advise with very young babies. Many do, and it’s just dandy.

Is this a seated event?

Please be aware that the event is set up for standing/dancing and there will be limited seating. It’s very difficult to shake your tailfeather sitting down.

My name is on the guest list, can I come in?

If your name is down and you are on the guest list, please give your name when you arrive. Any blatant attempts of trying to blag/flirt your way through will be met with high-fives and shouts of ‘You Go Girlfriend’. However, you won’t get in.  

What happens if I lose my child during the event?

In the unlikely event of losing your child, please head for the bar and drown your sorrows/celebrate your freedom as you see fit. Alternatively, please head for the entrance and notify a member of the team who will activate our ‘Lost Child’ policy straight-away.

Is there a dress code?

Hell yeah!

The dress code is to wear whatever you feel comfortable whilst pulling off your best ever robot dance. Mad props will be given to the most dapper of dads and super stylish of mums. If you feel like coming in fancy dress then, by all means, do so.

Can I take pictures?

We would prefer that you stick your phone in your pocket rather than spend three hours staring at your screens. However, if you do want to capture some magic moments please, hashtag #TotRockinBeats like your life depends on it.

Will there be childminders or a crèche at the event?

No. Please, note your children are your own responsibility, so please remember safety first and keep them close by at all times.

Is the music too loud for kids?

Hopefully not.

If in any doubt, we recommend that you invest in a pair of ear defenders particularly if your children are under the age of 4. Just like you would do if you were going to an outdoor festival.

If you do not have any, please do not worry, but it would be advisable not to stand too close to the speakers.

Is there an age range limit for children attending?

TotRockinBeats open to children of all ages from 0-97 but is most suitable for kids under the age of 10.

Teenagers, although most welcome, tend to be horrid sulky types who cramp your style. We encourage you able to bust out your best moves on the dancefloor with children who aren’t overtly embarrassed by you. Yet.

Does my baby/non-walking toddler need a ticket?


Babies and non-walkers are free but do still need their own ticket so we can keep an eye on headcount. Please ensure you get one, we would hate for them to have to be left outside in their prams with a bottle of Tizer and a bag of crisps. Although this is how many of us were treated by our parents, it is no longer the 1970s.

Will photos or video footage be taken at the event?


TotRockinBeats employ professional photographers for promotional purposes at every event so please be prepared to smile for the camera. If you do not wish to be featured, please let us know asap.

Digested all the TotRockinBeats FAQ info you can? Good. See you on the dancefloor, brothers and sisters.

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