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What People Say

It's the highlight of the week for me and Ava

It's the highlight of the week for me and Ava. She's always looking forward to the "Daddies Playgroup". (And the music is better than any other playgroup I've ever attended!)

James Gardiner

The Best Thing About The Whole Night Was That We Had Our Little Girl With Us.

“The music was great and the atmosphere was wicked but the best thing about the whole night was that we had our little girl with us. We didn’t have the guilt of leaving her with a babysitter or the worry of whether she was behaving and settling o.k. And having the chance to all be out as a family having a little dance and a drink felt more liberating than when we had been out on our own and left her with a babysitter”.

Dave Taylor

A Family-Affair

So we invited his buddies, uncles and aunties, cousins and Grandpa and Grandma - a real Family Affair. Everyone made so much effort with the fancy dress. Emlyn enjoyed a boogie, dressing up and watching his daddy (AKA Superbad Dad) DJ-ing. All topped off by getting his five minutes of fame when the whole congregation sang him 'Happy Birthday'. It's going to be a tough birthday to beat."


It almost like we were all a part of something new

‘The party had a sort of spontaneous spur of the moment feel to it almost like we were all a part of something new and emerging that no one else had heard of; again, the same feeling of any good underground party I had ever been to before’.

Lorna Taylor

It was AWESOME. Up your bum, anxiety.

'Tonight, I went to a kid-adult Halloween disco, got more than tipsy off 2 pints, danced my face off, took advantage of the craft table and made some new mum pals all by myself. It was AWESOME. Up your bum, anxiety.' 

TotRockin' Mumma

Just had to congratulate you on a great event y’day

Just had to congratulate you on a great event y’day. Was brilliant and now can’t wait to see what you bring to Shoreham. Thought the craft was incredible, well worth the entry fee alone. Really impressed at the lanterns & great support from staff. Also loved the soft play, lego etc.

Sarah Fenton

If You Ever See A TotsRockinBeats Event Happening Near You, I Urge You to Check It Out.

Today my boys and I headed out to a family friendly rave dance party hosted by the awesome TotsRockinBeats at the Towner Art Gallery. We had dance offs, hula hooping competitions and a host of random inflatables thrown into the mix! What more could you want? If you ever see a TotsRockinBeats event happening near you, I urge you to check it out. It's a great way of enjoying a "night" (afternoon) out with the kids and enjoying a few grown up indulgences too (did I mention they had a bar?)😀

Diddi Dance Eastbourne

Spreading The Dadifesto

This story is particularly close to our hearts, as I worked full time when my eldest was a baby, my husband had many solo parenting shifts. There were no groups aimed at dads he could take his daughter to, apart from swimming (and that's not social enough to provide a support group). Dan is changing all this with his Saturday morning dads group Dad La Soul in Worthing.


You know when you meet a mega-inspiring individual who makes you reflect on your own life? Well, I give you Dan Flanagan, a dad of one on a mission to promote positive fatherhood and help families while also running family friendly rave organiser Tot Rockin' Beats, Don't Believe The Hype agency and blog plus Dad la Soul, which organises play dates for dads and kids. If you don't find it inspiring, you have no soul.

John Adams

Working With TotRockinBeats Has Been Fantastic.

Working with Dan and Tot Rockin Beats has been fantastic. The events are a brilliant way to bring parents and children together for a family friendly party and they are always a huge success and a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Being a parent himself, Dan is clearly very passionate about the projects and that shines through in all aspects of his work, long may it continue.

Stephen Sheldrake - Worthing Theatres

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